Thursday, August 19, 2010

a thursday i thought id never survive.

babysitting atm :)
earning my cash for some now clothes.
just feed the boys there dinner and the poor tierd things are now blobbed in front of the tv
i actually did my seminar this morning, and it was so nerve racking! im not a shy person but having to read (of by heart) a 6 minute seminar that i wrote after a tramp last weekend was just too freaky. my legs have nvever shook so much in my life. i felt so cliche!
but im still alive :)

Finally got round to wearing my new winter woolen pleated skirt. its very precious.
with my lovely green blouse with the mermaid sleeves!
if i get a picture when i get home, if i dont look dead from keeping up with these crazy kids ill post a picture for you.
talk to you soon and i promise to add some cute pics next time :)

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